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Handwizard 3.0

Handwizard 3.0: Handwizard provides automated cursor moving and command entry by mouse steps controlled by movements of the mouse. It opens new opportunities of drawing smooth lines by free movement of a hand. Handwizard 3.0 also enables a special kind of mouse movement called "Mouse steps" for a quick text input by the mouse and execution of a new kind of commands called "Extra commands". When the text input by the mouse is carried out, only mouse moving is necessary for keystroke emulation. It allows achieve high speed of the text input

Sheepdog`s Day 1.0.0: Help the sheepdog to herd the sheep
Sheepdog`s Day 1.0.0

In this game you will need to control a sheepdog to drive the sheep into the barn. You can control the dog by moving the mouse and the dog will run towards the mouse cursor. When the dog approaches a sheep, the sheep will run away from the dog, you can control the direction of approach to drive the sheep into the pen. If you can drive all the sheep into the pen within the time limit, then you can advance to the next level. There are a total of 10

action games, drive, sheep, fence, shepard, sheepdog

CCPlayer multimedia 2.5.7: Control your film or your music with the mouse Wheel and the controls keys which
CCPlayer multimedia 2.5.7

Control your film or your music with the mouse Wheel and the controls keys you chosen. You can read the videos step by step or to advance and move back at high speed and to control the volume or the zoom, by using the mouse wheel. CCPlayer have a play-list with the functions: Loop, PC stop, random reading etc... It can read all kinds of files (mp3, divx, MPEG, wav,etc...)

screeshot, audio, video, auto volume, player, divx

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WheelsOfVolume 1.00

Freeware application that allows you to control the volume of your computer using the mousewheel. When the mouse wheel is clicked (middle mouse button) the sound will be muted. When used with a full screen application the top right corner will be used. Extremely intuitive in use. Uses very little computer resources and comes with full installer and deinstaller. Standard functions of the mousewheel are not affected in any way.

volume control, mouse, mousewheel

GiMeSpace Cam Control Control your computer by making gestures in front of your webcam!
GiMeSpace Cam Control

Control your computer by making gestures in front of your webcam! You can simulate mouse movements, the keyboard cursor keys, or control the GiMeSpace virtual desktop manangers. This program allows you to control your computer by making movements with a flat hand in front of your webcam. There are 3 gestures: - move in horizontal direction while your hand is vertical. - move in vertical direction while your hand is horizontal. - move in horizontal

panning, camera, gestures, simulate, virtual desktop, mouse, webcam, control, keyboard

LibertyControl (For Palm) 1.2.1: Control PowerPoint, Browser, WMP, Mouse and more over Bluetooth to your Desktop.
LibertyControl (For Palm) 1.2.1

control your laptop or desktop with your Palm PDA or SmartPhone. This is exactly the power that LibertyControl gives you, allowing you total control of your desktop using bluetooth technology. LibertyControl gives you a world of opportunity to control anything such as PowerPoint, WMP Playlists, Browser, Desktop/Mouse or PowerPoint presentations. With LibertyControl, you can now give outstanding presentations with confidence by turning your mobile

presentation, windows, browser, remote, point, palm, media, mouse, power, control

Power Mixer 2.9: Get in-depth and easily accessible volume control and audio mixing.
Power Mixer 2.9

Power Mixer is an advanced Windows audio mixer, a complete replacement for the standard Volume Control. This application lets you easily change the sound volume by simply rotating the mouse wheel or using keyboard hot keys. It includes an audio mixer with advanced volume controls support, a scheduler, on-screen display, command line support, the ability to store and recall different unlimited presets via one mouse click or system-wide hot keys.

treble, windows audio mixer, bass, windows, sound mixer, hot key, audio, presets, power mixer, volume control, volume control replacement, utility, audio mixer

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